International EVO Competition for the best extra virgin olive oil and the best olive landscape

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International Competition for the best extra virgin olive oil from a quality olive growing landscape



Promoted by the MolisExtra Association.

EXTRASCAPE is an international innovative and particular award. Besides rewarding the best extra virgin olive oil, it aims to reward the quality of the connected landscape.

The olive tree is not only a simple tree that produces olives. The olive oil that came from is the base of Mediterranean diet and is recognized as indispensable element for nutrition.

Olive tree is a strong symbol of Mediterranean history and culture, and it is a characteristic element of the rural landscape in all countries of the Mediterranean basin, but increasingly also in other continents from America to Oceania.

Extrascape competition is born to enhance the landscape and culture of the olive cultivation, its deep link with the territory and its potential importance in the tourist circuits.

In this way we aim to promote a real knowledge of the area through its products, its history and its culture. The competition for extra virgin olive oils and olive-growing landscapes,

The intention is to organize an international network to protect and enhance the landscape in the olive sector, in line with the implementation of the European Landscape Convention.

The initiative provides the organization of an international competition with a double soul.

On one hand we assess the organoleptic quality of extra virgin olive oils from different latitudes, on the other hand we want to compare and enhance the olive landscape. For the first time a competition award “a certain portion of land”, where olive trees are cultivated.


The competition is organized by  MolisExtra Association,  San Martino in Pensilis Administration, Molise Region and Campobasso provincial administration, with the support of the Research Landscape Unit of the Department of Architecture and Design of University  “La Sapienza” of Rome, the Department of Science and Technology for the Environment and Territory, University of Molise, and the Department of Science and Technology for Agriculture, Forestry, Nature and Energy, University of Tuscia and with the support of Corpo Forestale dello Stato

The official languages for the international competition are Italian and English.

Article 2: GOALS

EXTRASCAPE is an international competition organized to achieve the following objectives:

  • award the best extra virgin olive oils from all over the world;
  • award and enhance the olive oil landscape as an important element of the territory in terms of agronomic, economic, touristic and cultural importance;
  • promote the link between olive cultivation and territory;
  • promote the exceptional qualities of extra virgin olive oil produced in different countries in the international market;
  • establishing a network of relationships around the olive landscape also in collaboration with existing associations;
  • encourage and promote the development of oil tourism especially in the main oil producing regions of Italy;
  • Promote the winning enterprises with potential importers in international markets and media.


Article 3: STEPS

The competition is divided into the following phases:

  1. Registration of the participating companies on the base of the following Article 6;
  2.  Oil evaluation:

Preselection of the olive oil received by an independent panel, different of the competitions jury. This first taste of the extra-virgin olive oils is used for eliminate the oil with a relevant defect.

This step will perform by a jury of professional tasters, with an indicative assessment on the base of the methods of the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC).

  1. Landscape assessment:

examination of the documentation produced and first selection of the landscapes which are not compromised by incongruous actions and / or environmental detractors;

  1. Comparative evaluation of oil and landscape.
  2. Individual and comparative assessments will be processed by a mixed jury made up of professional tasters, chefs, journalists, disciplinary experts, agronomist, economists, landscape architects, who will jointly evaluate oils and landscapes and classify them by giving a score according to the procedures provided in the below Article 9;
  3. Awards ceremony on May 9, 2018


The competition is open to all producers of extra virgin olive oil in individual and / or associated way.

Since the relationship between product and landscape is essential as its principal characteristics, all the competitors must accurately show, explain and demonstrate the territorial provenience of his product.

In addition the competitors must accurately show, explain and demonstrate the whole company, with particular attention to the architectonic products (residential or for service) and/or the mill and all the buildings that are needed to the production

It is expected a special award to the architectonical quality in its landscape.

Italian extra virgin olive oils regularly labeled are allowed, both DOP and not DOP, with their relatives landscapes.

For foreign oil without indication of origin recognized (recognized geographical area (DOP, IGP, IG, AOC, AOP, DOP, IGP, DOG, DOP, IPG)), the producers are committed to provide a chemical analysis of free fatty acid not older than 120 days from the date of submission of the sample. To be considered as an extra virgin olive oil, the level of free fatty acids should not exceed 0.8% and the index of peroxides below 20  ( Reg CE 2568/91 and subsequent amendments ).


The competition is divided into the following categories:

  • best light fruity extra virgin olive oil;
  • best medium fruity extra virgin olive oil;
  • best intense fruity extra virgin olive oil;
  • best light  extra virgin olive oil from organic farming;
  • best medium extra virgin olive oil from organic farming;
  • best intense extra virgin olive oil from organic farming;
  • Great Extrascape Award


Among the seven above listed categories, all extra virgin olive oils of the world that have a commercial packaging (packaged and labeled in accordance with the law) may participate.

They are not allowed flavored oils or oils that contain different ingredients than just olive oil.

The categories for the landscape are:

  • best olive growing traditional landscape;
  • best modern, contemporary and innovative olive growing landscape.


Participants must send the following documents by mail – or other certifying carriers within 12 p.m. of may 3 2016 at the following address:

Segreteria Organizzativa Concorso Internazionale ExtraScape,
presso Terrevere Srls  – via Marina, 228/C  86046  San Martino in Pensilis (CB) Molise 

  • The registration form attached to the announcement, duly completed
  • The descriptive card attached to the announcement, duly completed and the required documentations;
  • The receipt of the registration fee.
  • 3 bottles for every type of extra-virgin olive oil in its commercial box

On the envelope there must be clearly written the title of the competition: EXTRASCAPE – International Competition for the best extra virgin olive oil and the best oil landscape.

The registration fee is € 60.00 (sixty euros) for each oli sample.

The registration fee covers the administrative and secretarial expenses, the cost of the panel and the jury.

The producer should take care of the shipment of his products.

All participants will receive a confirmation of registration through the e-mail address indicated.

The extra virgin olive oils not in accordance with the payment of registration fees will not be accepted for the competition.



After verifying the competition registration with all the documents that accompany the sample and after verifying the compliance of the sample to all applicable regulations:

  • oils will be made anonymous and subjected to selective tasting by the  panel of ARSARP, and then by the evaluating jury of Camera Di Commercio of Molise led by Mr. Vitor Fratini, according to a specific card of evaluation by a system based on points (0 to 100 points).
  • Since the landscape in question is the result of the relationship between nature and the different degrees of it human settlement, special attention will be paid to the evaluation of innovative solutions relating to landscaping and the intrinsic quality, environmental compatibility, the contextualisation of the realized architectures, with particular reference to the conservation of valuable artifacts and / or otherwise historic witnesses and the design of the new.

Obligatory material wich is required to the participants:

  • orthophoto of the company with his context( From Google Earth)
  • Report of 4000 characters (including spaces) to illustrate the company
  • some photos

The landscapes of the product  will be valued with particular reference to the following parameters:

  • intrinsic level of naturalness,
  • degree of structural complexity,
  • level of species diversity,
  • genetic diversity of olive,
  • degree of functionality of agro-ecosystem deduced from the firm structure,
  • quality of architecture ‘olive trees’,
  • shape of cultivated field,
  • sustainability of the productivity model.

The jury will evaluate in accordance to a specific evaluation card with a system based on points (0 to 100).

The minimum threshold for admission to the final selection is made by the score of 60/100 for the oil and 60/100 for the landscape.

The assessments can be made by distinguishing between different types of landscape.

The winning company will be the one that scored the highest score in reasonable balance between the two parameters (with a differential gap of no more than 20 points).

In addition the jury could assign a special merit to the company which has showed  the best quality of building measures in its landscape.

Article 8: THE JURY

The organization will appoint a mixed jury according to the experience and  the interest demonstrated  towards the extra virgin olive oils and the scientific and professional experiences concerning the landscape. The jury will be composed of eleven members: one Chairman,  5 members for the oil and 5 members for the landscape. The jury’s  works will be valid with the presence of at least 7 members. Members of the organizational committee will not be part of the jury.


All participants will be promptly informed on the results of the competition. The winners will receive a plaque (or similar official recognition) and a certificate that will validate the gains.


The jury may propose the award of certain products or landscapes according to criteria not strictly numeric.



The organizing committee has the right to conduct analytical controls about the winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils by sending a sample to a laboratory to certify the trading compliance. A sample of every winning oils winners will be retained for 90 days to be possibly controlled.

Three months after the competition, all the stored samples will be used in schools, academies or similar.

The participant is responsible for all the details on the registration form and the organizing Committee has the right to verify its authenticity. In the event of a dispute  the original samples retained by the Committee will be tested.

In the event of litigation, the sole place of jurisdiction is in Campobasso apart from the participant nationality .